Rent (or buy) an Electric Scooter by months starting from just €39/month

Located in Barcelona, our Electric Scooter is powerful enough for a quick commute, yet easy enough for everyone to ride. Enjoyable, and easy to fold for storage, it will change the way you move around.

Our Electric Scooter

Powerful enough for a quick commute,
yet easy enough for everyone to ride.

Intuitive and easy-to-ride

In a matter of minutes you will learn how to ride and control your Scooter.

20 km long-range battery life

Fully charge the battery at home or the office in 3'5 hours. Charger included.

Portable folding design

To carry or store the Scooter you can easily fold the handle bar.

Energy recovery

In order to extend battery life, converts kinetic energy into electrical power.

Power button controls

Single press to switch on. Long press to shut down. A short single press will switch headlights on/off. Double press to switch between normal and power saving modes.

Controlled acceleration

You can adjust your velocity with the amount of pressure into the accelerator. You could also use the "Power Saving Mode" for smoother accelerations.


Travel distance Approx. 20km1
Max speed Approx. 25km/h
Max incline Approx. 11%
Charging time Approx. 3,5h
Motor rated power 200 W
Max instantaneous power 400 W
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 106 x 42 x 48 cm

1. 20 km long-distance range on a single full charge measured under the following conditions: 75 kg loads, 25° weather temperatures, a flat road without strong winds, power saving mode, and 15 km/h constant speeds. Results may vary based on different weight loads, temperature, wind speed, operating habits, and other factors.

Find the right plan for you

Choose the most suitable service for your needs with reasonable price.

3 Months Plan

FROM €59/month

  • Free delivery & pick-up
  • Includes Battery Charger
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12 Months Plan

FROM €39/month

  • Free delivery & pick-up
  • Includes Battery Charger
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  • Includes Battery Charger
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How it works

Understand how our service works


Sign up in our website

You first need to choose between renting (from €39/month) or buying (€299) the Scooter. Then we will request you your contact and payment information. For the renting option and once signed-up, you will be charged automatically at the begining of each monthly billing period.


We will deliver the Scooter to your place

A courier will deliver (free of charge) the Scooter to your place, including the battery charger.


Enjoy the city with your Scooter

Maybe first pick up a helmet and practice a little bit in your backyard. Once you feel confortable... then go! Enjoy the city with your new Scooter!


Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to ride?

Yes, absolutely. It's not difficult at all. There is also the option to ride with "Power Saving Mode" activated, that way you will have smoother accelerations.

Can I cancel my monthly plan anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime, but then we will charge you a pro-rated penalty in base our other plans and according to the time efectively used.

What should I do if there is an issue with my Scooter?

You should reach us ([email protected]) and as long you have done a proper use of the Scooter, we will provide you a solution or, if needed, replace your Scooter.

Can I ride on the rain? Is the Scooter waterproof?

Not really. The Scooter has a battery and lots of electronic components, and more over it's isolated, there is risk of water entering the compartment. Our rule of thumb is: protect the Scooter from water the same way you do with your mobile phone.

Are helmets required for riders?

Helmet laws vary from city to city. In the case of our home town Barcelona, it's not mandatory. In any case, it's always recommended to wear a helmet.

Where can I ride in the city?

Laws vary from city to city. In the case of our home town Barcelona, scooters can go in bike lanes, sidewals bigger than 4,75m and streets of max speed 30.

About us

Located in Barcelona, Bemove is a project created by:

Julià Rebés

Co-Founder & Lawyer

Guille López

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

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